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  1. from USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen
    *****We’re Lucky to Go Along For the Ride!
    “reminds me a bit of the chemistry that Cybill Shepherd & Bruce Willis had in the early episodes of Moonlighting…Those verbal exchanges are one of the reasons I like the Beachcomber books so much”


  2. Frederick Pietrowski

    My Life on a WWII Submarine – DeProfundis Out of the Depths by Fred Pietrowski
    Rammed and sunk twice, Circled by a 35 foot Shark for 6 hours while in water, Knocked overboard on top of 16 foot shark -scrambled on top of reloading torpedo to get away, Trapped in compartment while water poured in to 12 feet deep, I spotted 3 Russian Submarines hiding 300 yds next to Statue of Liberty – Ordered to ram them. On Patrol in tropical waters ,140 degrees at work, On watch in North Atlantic Icicles hanging off my eye brows, holding breath submerged between waves each wave coating me in white ice. On Amazon, Kindle,and I Pad.

  3. Pear Tree Publishing is a publishing company specializing in helping authors and groups to self-publish their work. Pear Tree also assists those authors in the marketing and sale of their work through its website, catalog and book signing events. Pear Tree can also aid previously published authors expand their marketing and distribution. Pear Tree Publishing, not quite your ordinary publishing company!

    • Some people believe that the reason the NEAE has become so successful is because it is run by the little guys. Guys and gals who understand the problems facing all New England authors and publishers! So please forgive me for giving a plug to my small independent publishing company. Thank you for supporting both Pear Tree Publishing and the New England Authors Expo. PS You do not need to be connected to PTP to attend NEAE events. Our events are open to anyone in the New England publishing community, and yes if you are from outside of New England you are welcome too!

  4. KD Mason is not only a great author but he is a true friend to the New England Authors Expo. He is one of the top volunteers, he is one of the top promoters and he is the driving force behind our Author’s Night by the Sea events. Please check out his books and show him the support that he has shown us!

  5. KD Mason, a New Hampshire Seacoast author, runner, and sailor writes compelling stories of Mystery, Suspense, and Romance centered in the small coastal town of Rye Harbor, NH . . . KD’s books are the
    perfect vacation reads, impossible
    to put down once begun, and they
    always leave you craving more.


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